she had a complicated past

“Whatever — that’s just me.” 
— Lindsay

Wednesday night
& we’re all together
Drinking red & bubbles
(not me with the latter)

& Linds is reminding Jen that August 1st is problematic, but July 1st is the real trouble.
What about July 5th?

“That’s the night I met Larry!” I interject. “Or was it?” 
I look to Lauren to confirm.

“Janelle Monae night?”

“Janelle Monae night.”

“Janelle Monae night!”

July 5th, that’s a good one.
But it’s only 4 days after July 1st!

“I know.”

They all lose me with the Leo men versus the Taurus & his terrors versus the potential of a watery sign

& I marvel at them all like usual.

We talk about The Day of Vibrancy and The Frequent Flier
& the reasons why Lauren can absolutely get a “No Drama Club” sweatshirt, if that’s 


There’s always so much to say,
Maybe, especially, on a Wednesday right before Christmas

& sometimes we manage to offend each other multiple times over the course of one evening but we also manage,
to see each other.

We eat Thai & coffee cake & run out of wine

& Tina really was dead on that

“I hang on every word you say
Tear us apart, baby, 
I would rather be dead.”


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