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  • LABOR DAY, 35

    LABOR DAY, 35

    I daydream of Hydra.

    When the Sunday paper arrives, I flip straight to the Travel section.

    I've never read the Vows
    & am only inclined to read Sunday Sports 
    when there's a female on the front. 

    At brunch my girlfriends agonize over the ticking clock
    & indecision & thirty-five years.
    I dip my grilled cheese in my soup and stay silent.

    It's not because I'm not interested
    (I am)
    It's not because I'm not well-versed
    in the annoyance of indecision
    & the precious art of timing
    (I am)

    But I'm an expert in the practice of reactive states
    & feel more at home listening than divulging.

    My period comes due with the rent,
    & I'm not a fan of a late payment.

    My paycheck arrives by direct deposit. 


    photo by Salina Hamm (Grandma)