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  • to be sorted later » focus your intensity; quit being the apology

    to be sorted later » focus your intensity; quit being the apology

    Happy New Moon in Virgo!

    No, I don’t understand exactly what the New Moon in Virgo means, but it’s fun to consider. I liked this reminder to “anchor into our wholeness,” according to the astral insights from Mystic Mamma.

    And why not consider a new moon as an ideal opportunity to give your intensity some focus?

    Don’t ignore the power of the motherfucking moon.

    I love September. Everything feels new. I’m reminded, each September, how much I love the promise of fall, the breeze cooling. It’s almost romantic.

    There’s so much to sort through, always.


    I’m still thinking about this poetry and photography project from The New York Times. It’s called “Being Women: Poetry and Imagery” — and good god, it makes me feel so much. My favorite, “Until the Stars Collapse,” is by Tonya Ingram, and goes like this:

    you owe it to yourself to quit being the apology. to
    hold your hand and sing your favorite song. to

    love another and see how far that will go. to love
    yourself and forget where you were headed in the
    first place. love is a funny story. it wakes up and
    builds a plot. it wakes up and shapes you into the
    kind of woman your mother studies. i am not per-
    fect in it. i am not even remotely articulate. but it
    is big, this love. it is airborne and triumphant. i am
    no easy show. i hurt like the climb of my lineage. i
    hurt on purpose. i hurt to not be hurt. no, none of
    this is an excuse. just a blueprint. a map. come
    find me when the day is bronze and the sorrow is
    full. i am building my poem in this here heart. all
    of it is a working title.

    “I am no easy show.” God-dammit-all if I don’t get it, Tonya. Thank you for this. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    Women are amazing.

    You’ve gotta check it all out. And the photos!

    My other favorite is "For My Grandmother's Perfume, Norell" — but I’ll let you read that on your own, should you desire.

    “ yourself and forget where you were headed in the first place.”

    Love yourself. What a radical notion. I’ve been trying it on for size, and I like it.


    Speaking of women being amazing: Today I finished reading The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness, by Jill Filipovic. I highly recommend it.

    That’s it. Happy New Moon in Virgo.

    Anchor into your wholeness. You deserve it.


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    Photo: Taken at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago [by me]