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  • Mix Tapes: What's In a Name?

    The Shins are here to warm up your first week of 2017 with a new single, one NPR calls "a joyfully infectious pop cut" that's a "hopeful ode of empowerment" to frontman James Mercer's daughters. 

    Give it a listen. It'll almost make you forget, for that fun 3 minutes and 10 seconds, all that's at stake right now for everyone's daughters. 

    Meanwhile, San Fermin is also brightening this sub-zero temperatures Thursday in Chicago with their new song "Open" that continues the sweeping beauty of the songs from last album, Jackrabbit. 

    "I have your body, I have your soul"


    I'm also newly into Julie Byrne, and especially her song "Natural Blue," discovered via Pitchfork. Something about the depth of her voice when she sings, "When I first saw you...that feeling it came over me too" makes me feel both melancholy and romantic. (Oh, shut up, Alison.)

    Just listen:


    I'm excited to get back to the Mix Tapes in 2017, geeks! Hope you are, too. Happy discovering. Happy listening.